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Miracle Thomas

Miracle ThomasMiracle ThomasMiracle Thomas

Miracle Thomas is a vocalist, songwriter and producer whose musical roots began at the incredible early age of three, when she sang publicly with "The Gems of Truth Gospel Choir" in her Lynchburg, Virginia hometown. In her early teens she relocated to Washington, DC and began writing songs and performing  in talent shows. Miracle's voice is mesmerizing with sensual low tones and incredible high notes. Her versatile range of expression can handle any genre, but her specialty is soulful R&B, full of emotion, meaningful lyrics and real musicians. Music with feeling!   

Miracle took time out of the recording industry to focus on her son “Truck”. He was diagnosed with autism at a very young age and she has committed herself to homeschooling, making sure he enjoys his youth, and learns as he grows. 

She explains, “I never gave up on my music. I had to give my son so much of me and I refused to allow others to make decisions for him especially when I was capable of being there for him. My son is older and he’s the one that pushed me to get back out there and start performing again. We have a good time traveling and meeting new people. I am going to start singing at more Autism Awareness Events because it is crucial that people understand that a diagnosis of Autism isn’t the end of your life; it does have its challenges but with the right drive and support you can get through it. I cannot give up on my child. If I give up on him I will be giving up on myself.” 

Today, Miracle is enjoying an energetic career rejuvenation, thanks to her never quit tenacity, her ever blossoming talent and the internet. She is on a major upswing, carving a space for her angelic voice building a name for her music and claiming her place she has begun to build a name for her music all around the world. A steady growth in airplay and streaming activity has taken the big voice from the small town, to the top of music charts in lands she's yet to visit. 

With a look of happy disbelief she says, "It's amazing what I've been able to accomplish. To be able to connect with music lovers and industry insiders all around the world, from the comfort of my home is priceless beyond compare. The time differences makes getting good sleep a little tricky, but I'm on a mission." 

It's definitely working, to the tune of multiple weeks at #1 for her EP releases "Expect A Miracle" and "Expect A Miracle II" (UK Soul Top 30 Chart) and Top 20 placements in the UK, Grenada and Italy with a base of international airplay that continues to grow. 

"I really appreciate the support that I have received from so many stations and DJs. I can't wait for the chance to travel and meet all of the people who like my music and show me love. I love 'em all right back."

Expect a miracle!